Exterior Renovation

Winnipeg Bungalow Reno

See how an exterior renovation can provide a long-lasting transformation to your Winnipeg bungalow

This project provided a beautiful update to this Winnipeg home. Our siding installers used Kaycan’s KWP Vertical Prestige Siding. This vertical siding provides a timeless and modern look and comes with an amazing 50 year warranty.

For many people, soffit is just an afterthought. However, not only is it essential to proper ventilation and protection from moisture, it can provide a profound visual impact. This is definitely the case with this longboard soffit.

The rest of the soffit matches the longboard perfectly. Installed carefully with the outdoor pot lights, these soffits create a luxury feel to an often overlooked part of the home.

Products used:

Siding (supplied by Kaycan)

  • KWP Vertical Prestige Siding
  • Color: Cactus
  • Warranty: 50 years against cracking, denting, and hail. 25 years on the paint finish
  • Thickness: 1/2 inch
  • Extra info: Resistant to termite damage, fungal  decomposition, buckling,  peeling and  splitting

Trim Boards (supplied by Kaycan)

  • Color: Cactus
  • Thickness, 1 inch
  • Width: 4 inch (can be ordered from widths of 4-12 inches)
  • Designed to match your new siding, or provide a color accent around windows and doors. Engineered for tough climates, KWP is designed to resist water, hail and damage from the sun. Paint warranty is 25 years

Soffit/Fascia (supplied by Kaycan)

  • Color: Commercial brown
  • 4 panel, vented aluminum soffit, with extra vent holes cut in wood soffit underneath for maximum ventilation
  • Fascia is also commercial brown – installed on the gables with gable trim, will entirely cap exposed  wood so that no painting is required and will prevent sun and moisture absorption

Custom cladding on beams (supplied by Kaycan)

  • Color: commerical brown
  • Measured and crafted on-site by our installers, this cladding will sharpen the exterior of your home while protecting exposed wood from the elements

Eavestrough and downspouts (supplied by Kaycan)

  • Color: Cactus
  • 5 inch, continuous, eaves trough, measured and cut to the exact length of your eaves is designed to carry water efficiently to your downspouts and away from your homes’ foundation. Standard 5 foot extensions are installed to flip up and lock into place for your convenience
  • Downspouts come in 21/2 inch, or 3 inch diameter

Longboard soffit (supplied by Gentek)

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