Riverview Bungalow Exterior Reno

The combination of Hardie Panel and cedar make a stunning result

This renovated Winnipeg home embraced a modern, clean exterior design through its use of James Hardie products. Previously, the old wooden siding was removed and the new panelling and lap siding was installed.

The old sheeting underneath the wooden siding was very old and was heaving in certain areas and completely missing in others. Our installers fastened custom strapping on the front of the house to ensure the siding had a smooth, flat finish once installed. The result is amazing.

We installed vented black low gloss soffit/fascia from Kaycan; this looked great and matched with the Hardie lap siding. Our professional installers cut holes in the existing wood soffit to ensure maximum ventilation. The increased ventilation will help with:

  • preventing mildew and rot in the roof’s framing and sheathing
  • preventing ice dams in the winter by keeping the roof colder
  • extending the life of the shingles by keeping the roof cooler in the summer months
  • reducing cooling costs in the summer

We installed the cedar partition to provide protection from the elements and visual interest; the cedar boards provide contrast with the Hardie products through their warm textured surface. A frame was constructed from  treated 2×4’s, fastened to the foundation of the stairs with concrete screws. The frame was sheeted with treated plywood, and then painted black. The cedar boards were then stained and then installed over the sheeting.


  • James Hardie Panel, Arctic white
  • James Hardie lap siding, Iron Gray

Eavestrough, Soffit, Fascia (supplied by Kaycan)

  • Continuous 5 inch eavestrough
  • Color: black, low gloss


  • select tight knot (STK) cedar boards
  • stained
  • custom installation


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